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Joseph A. Esparza

Joseph A. Esparza, admitted to Texas State bar, 1994; also admitted to practice in Federal Court (Northern, Eastern, Southern and Western Districts of Texas); United States Court of Appeals for the Armed Forces; United States Air Force Court of Criminal Appeals; Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals; Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals; and the United States Supreme Court. Preparatory Education: University of Texas San Antonio (B.A. 1991); legal education: University of Texas School of Law (J.D., 1994). Board Certified, Criminal Law, Texas Board of Legal Specialization. Board Certified, Criminal Trial Advocate, National Board of Trial Advocacy. Mr. Esparza represents civilian clients throughout Texas and court-martial/military clients worldwide.


Mr. Esparza has trial and legal experience in high-profile capital murder cases and felony level sex crimes and is a former felony prosecutor for Bexar County. He has tried and won at all levels of civilian criminal offenses, from DWI and up to and including capital murder. He was a decorated military defense counsel and has litigated and won numerous complex court-martial cases.  During his decorated military service, Mr. Esparza tried and won numerous general courts-martial throughout the South and the East Coast. He has tried numerous general and special courts-martial as civilian counsel in private practice throughout Texas with a strong record of acquittals ("Not Guilty" verdicts)  for his military clients. 



  • 10/19 - Capital murder (double homicide) reduced to murder, client plead to 42 year sentence

  • 10/19 - Capital murder plead down to Injury to a Child - Omission. 50 year cap sought by State, client received 25 year sentence after defense evidence at sentencing hearing

  • 9/19 - Out of town client with 6 felony arrests pleads to single misdemeanor after defense investigation and case work up. Client received deferred adjudication and no jail time.

  • 7/19 - Obtained deferred adjudication felony probation from Judge for client accused of Injury to a child; State sought 15 years in prison;

  • 6/19 - Obtained dismissals on four serious felony drug charges for college age client after case workup;

  • 5/19 - Saved client's life. Capital murder charge and two aggravated assault WDW charges dismissed after defense investigation and case work up. Took case over from previous court appointed counsel;

  • 1/19 - Saved capital murder client's life, resolved capital murder case after defense workup. Obtained plea to lesser included offense of Injury to a Child for client;

  • 1/19 - Obtained dismissal of assault bodily injury case for non-citizen client;

  • 7/18 - Obtained dismissal of assault bodily injury case for civilian client;

  • 7/18 - Obtained dismissal of federal theft of government property charge for civilian client;

  • 5/18 - Won a "Not Guilty" in a general court-martial for USAF Security Forces member accused of sexual assault and abusive sexual contact;

  • 2/18 - Obtained dismissal of marijuana charge for out of town client;

  • 1/18 - Obtained two misdemeanor dismissals for client with licensing issues after pointing out legal deficiencies in probable cause analysis to prosecutor. Evidence suppressible, cases dismissed instead;

  • 1/18 - Obtained felony dismissal for HS age client, record and college future protected;

  • 10/17 - Obtained felony drug case and misdemeanor theft dismissals for client;

  • 8/17 - Obtained 3 yr probation sentence in federal court for client. Sentencing case persuaded Court to downward depart from sentencing guidelines and forego incarceration;

  • 7/17 - Obtained dismissal on DWI breath test case on day of trial. Pointed out evidence deficiencies and convinced prosecutors to drop charge against client;

  • 7/17 - Won VA Appeal over educational benefits. Erased $48,000.00 debt VA claimed client owed, got VA to admit error and forgive debt in full;

  • 6/17 - Obtained sex offender deregistration for out of town client;

  • 5/17 - College age client with numerous misdemeanors and one felony charge adjudicated to 6 months deferred adjudication concurrent on two misdemeanors only, other cases dismissed after defense investigation uncovered serious mitigation evidence;

  • 5/17 - Multiple drug use and distro charges withdrawn and dismissed against out of state USAF client facing general court-martial;

  • 5/17 - Pretrial prep resulted in dismissal of Family Violence assault charges for client;

  • 3/17 - Saved a soldier's career. NJP defense and rebuttal package convinced Commander that soldier was "Not Guilty" of meth and amphetamine use. No NJP, no discharge, and full reinstatement into coveted training program;

  • 6/16 - Saved a soldier's career. Obtained complete dismissal of DWI and Possession of controlled substance charges in out of town jurisdiction;

  • 5/16 - Saved a sailor's career. Admin discharge board for drug abuse/comm. serious offense resulted in Board members unanimously voting for retention for client and continued military service;

  • 2/16 - Obtained a lesser summary court martial for enlisted Airman originally facing a special court martial for assault, battery, and disorderly conduct against civilian police. No conviction on any charges for client;

  • 11/15 - Won a "Not Guilty" for an enlisted USAF Airman charged with sexual assault (Rape);

  • 10/15 - "Not Guilty by Reason of Insanity" plea in capital murder case. Case workup and motion practice convinced civilian DA office to accept insanity defense and plea;

  • 10/15 - Pretrial motion practice resulted in dismissal of State DWI charge against military client. Found multiple defects in government evidence that could not be remedied; forced prosecutor to drop charge;

  • 9/15 - Won a "Not Guilty" for an USAF officer charged with abusive sexual contact and conduct unbecoming an officer;

  • 8/15 - Aggravated sexual assault of a child charge dismissed. Found major defect in State's evidence that previous court-appointed attorney missed. Prosecutor dismissed case after discussion regarding evidence deficiency;

  • 6/15 - Saved a Sailor's career. Convinced Navy to withdraw discharge action against Hospital Corpsman despite prior Capt's Mast and other alleged misconduct and permit continued military service;

  • 6/15 - Obtained an Honorable discharge for Army officer facing a Board of Inquiry over multiple 15-6 investigations and GOMOR;

  • 4/15 - Won a verdict of "No Misconduct" and retention for service in an administrative discharge board and saved Navy client's military career regarding an accusation of drug abuse;

  • 7/14 - Won a "Not Guilty" for an Army Officer M.D. charged with sexual assault and abusive sexual contact;

  • 4/14 - Won a "Not Guilty" on a civilian Continuous Sexual Abuse of a Child case;

  • 3/14 - Won a "Not Guilty" for an USAF NCO Medic charged with use of a controlled substance, false official statement, and absent without leave;

  • 2/14 - Won a "Not Guilty" for a enlisted soldier charged with Rape by force, aggravated assaults, damaging property, and interference with a 911 call;

  • 1/14 - Injury to a child charge dismissed against my client;

  • 1/14 - Aggravated kidnapping charges dismissed against out of town client;

  • 12/13 - Motion to Suppress contesting illegal arrest and search forced civilian prosecutor to drop drug charge against client;

  • 10/13 - Won a 4 year sentence for a high profile federal client who was originally charged with Racketeering and multiple murders with possibility of facing the death penalty, before a later deal was made for a guilty plea to a lesser charge and a 15 year cap;

  • 9/13 - Won a murder appeal and got the conviction reversed and a new trial granted;

  • 7/13 - Won no confinement and no punitive discharge at a general court-martial for a USAF NCO instructor accused of an inappropriate sexual relationship with a female trainee;

  • 4/13 - Won a "Not Guilty" verdict for an Army soldier charged with larceny and false official statement;

  • 3/13 - Won a "Not Guilty" for an USAF trainee charged with indecent exposure;

  • 12/12 - Won a "Not Guilty" for an Army Officer client at a general court-martial for assault and conduct unbecoming an officer;

  • 10/12 - Won a dismissal of all charges in a rape case on the first day of trial for a USAF NCO enlisted client;

  • 8/12 - Won a life sentence in a capital murder case where the State of Texas was seeking the death penalty against my client;

  • 7/12 - Won an Article 32 hearing, rape and drug charges rejected. No general court-martial against USAF NCO client;

  • 8/10 - Obtained a grand jury no bill in an online computer solicitation of a minor case after investigating the case and filing a motion for an examining trial;

  • 11/09 - Investigated a criminal felony case involving a U.S. Marine in Seattle, Washington and obtained a dismissal of all charges against the Marine;

  • 3/09 - Won a "Not Guilty" in two hours in a capital murder trial;

  • 5/08 - Won a "Not Guilty" in less than thirty minutes in a two count felony indecency of a child case;

  • 5/08 - Defended a senior NCO recruiter charged with sexual harassment in an Art 15 proceeding resulting in the charges being dropped;

  • 4/08 - Won a "Not Guilty" for a senior NCO charged with indecent language against a female NCO subordinate in a special court-martial;


  • AVVO Rating 10.0 - Superb (Criminal Defense, Military Law), 20 Five Star reviews from clients;

  • A Texas Super Lawyer by Texas Monthly Magazine (2011-2019);

  • A Top DWI/DUI Lawyer in San Antonio in S.A. Magazine (2011, 2015, 2017, 2019);

  • A Top San Antonio Criminal Defense Attorney in S.A. Scene Magazine (2015-2019);

  • A Top 30 Criminal Defense Lawyer in San Antonio in S. A. Scene Magazine (2013);

  • The Best Lawyers in San Antonio by Scene in San Antonio Magazine (Criminal Defense) (2010-2019);


  • Texas Criminal Defense Lawyers Association; San Antonio Criminal Defense Lawyers Association (Board of Directors 2011-2020; Executive Board: Vice President 2019, Treasurer 2018); National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers.

Military Service


  • Captain, United States Air Force (2002-2006). Former judge advocate, military prosecutor, and former decorated military defense counsel.